Rohan Grover

PhD Student @ USC Annenberg · Los Angeles, CA

About Me

I'm a doctoral student at the Annenberg School of Communication and Journalism at USC.

I study how digital technologies shapes digital politics, especially transnationally. I explore this topic at the intersection of political communication, digital activism, and internet policy by drawing from multiple traditions such as critical race studies, postcolonial theory, and STS. My research has been supported by NYU MCC, the Asian/Pacific/American Institute, the Membership Puzzle Project, and the American Political Science Association.

I have a Master of Arts in Media, Culture, and Communication from NYU and a Bachelor of Science in Economics, with a minor in Asian American Studies, from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

Before beginning my PhD, I worked as a product manager, data analyst, and digital strategist in progressive digital media and advocacy organizations such as MoveOn, HuffPost, Upworthy, and Planned Parenthood.



    Scheduled to present an extended abstract at ICA 2022: "Encoding Privacy: How Tech Workers Shape Privacy Regulations" in Paris this May

    January 2022–Present

    Awarded a research grant from the Michael Hoefges Graduate Student Research Fund by the AEJMC Law & Policy Division

    October–December 2021

    Presented a paper at GigaNet 2021: "The Geopolitics of Digital Rights Discourse: Mapping Civil Society Representation at RightsCon" on December 6

    Presented a paper at GRiSTS 2021: "Contesting Citizenship on Github: A Case Study of 'Making Aarogya Setu Open Source'"

    Awarded a travel grant from the NCA Student Caucus to attend the annual convention in Seattle

    Presented a paper at AoIR 2021: "Internet Governance for Whom? Civil Society, Representation, and Digital Rights"

    Presented a paper at APSA 2021: "Evaluating Motivations for Microtargeted Digital Political Advertising in the 2020 Presidential Elections"

    July–September 2021

    Presented, along with Jennifer Kho, at a Gather event for journalists organized by the University of Oregon’s Agora Journalism Center: "How to Build Healthy Membership Communities"

    Awarded travel grants from APSA and APSA's LGBT Committe to attend the annual convention in Seattle

    Began PhD program at USC Annenberg

    Published, along with Jennifer Kho, a research report, "Building healthy membership communities: Lessons from newsrooms around the world", and presented our findings at the Membership Puzzle Project summit

    Joined CITAP as a graduate student affiliate for 2021–22

    Presented a paper at IAMCR 2021: "The Politics of (Dis)connectivity: Mobile Internet as Political Infrastructure in Internet Shutdowns"

    Awarded Virginia Gray Graduate Research Grant from the Political Organizations and Parties (POP) section of APSA

    April–June 2021

    Presented paper at ICA 2021: "Contingent Connectivity: How Internet Shutdowns Shape Access to Citizenship"

    Awarded C.V. Starr Fund research grant from the A/P/A Institute to study South Asian American digital activism

    Graduated with a Master of Arts from NYU MCC

    Awarded the Distinguished Thesis Award from NYU MCC

    Awarded a research grant from the NYU Steinhardt Graduate Student Organization

    January–March 2021

    Awarded research grant, along with Jennifer Kho, from the Membership Puzzle Project to study community-driven membership programs in news

    Awarded Technology and Public Purpose fellowship from the Harvard Kennedy School’s Belfer Center (but declined in order to enroll at USC)